Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Beautifully simple, yet incredibly stylish, the venetian blind is a classic design that offers superb choice and flexibility.

A key feature of aluminium blinds are their dazzling colour possibilities and cool-cat style. Add to this the lightweight nature and strength of  aluminium, and you have a blind that is great looking, never flimsy and so reasonably priced you’ll probably put them in every room.

Venetian blinds are also incredibly versatile. With styles and colours including natural wood, subtle pastels, vibrant shades, striking metallic finishes and even abstract designs, you can choose a venetian blind to match almost any décor and any room colour. Plus, with a simple twist, venetian blinds can be adjusted to provide ideal ambient light conditions and control privacy and security. Made to your personal specifications, they ensure the perfect finish for your living and relaxation spaces.

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