Cellular Shades

Consider the honeybee: Industrious, hardworking and a marvel of engineering. Exactly like Bosetti’s honeycomb shades!

Otherwise known as cellular shades, these window treatments have light filtering and room darkening qualities. While their design looks simple on the surface, look closer and you’ll see the complexity of our cellular shades. They not only look great, they also have insulating properties that help make your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our patented, double-walled, honeycomb design forms an air pocket. Air contained in the honeycomb cells is an effective insulator, keeping heat in during the winter and heat out in the summer. Insulation values are especially good with the block out range.

All this means cellular blinds not only look good, but they’ll help to keep you comfortable and reduce energy bills. Perfect!

Other advantages of cellular blinds are neatness and safety. There are no visible cords or cord holds, which is perfect for improving safety around young children. Cellular blinds are also extremely durable.

Bosetti’s made-to-measure cellular blinds are available in two styles – 25mm block out and 25mm light filter, with over 14 different colours in each collection. All have white on the reverse side to provide a uniform look from the outside. Extremely versatile, they can be fitted to any window or door.

Cellular blinds can be made as a standard configuration – with the blind going from the top down – or in a top down, bottom up configuration, providing greater light control. You can even install a dual blind system, with one blind block out and the other light filter, for ultimate control in any lighting conditions.

If you are building a new home in the north western area of Sydney, contact us today for more information about the affordable customised New Home packages we have on offer!!

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