Plantation shutters are a fantastic choice for any home. They have many of the advantages of traditional curtains or blinds, including superb light and air control, plus they can create total privacy for any room in the house.

Bosetti can design, manufacture and install shutters to suit your exact window dimensions, giving you the flexibility to choose how and where the shutters are located to cover your windows. Shutter frames can be made to fit inside the recess of your window or on the outside.

Bosetti’s plantation shutters are available in a variety of colours and styles, so they can be used in almost any style of house and be chosen to match any room colour. Shutter fittings can be made to match or contrast with your shutters, depending on the style you are looking for.

Shutters are available in four different louvre or slat widths. The louvre tilt rod that controls the position of your slats can be mounted centrally, offset or even hidden.

Plantation shutters are available in sliding, bi-fold and hinged options, and again your Bosetti consultant will be able to guide you on what will work best for you. Our design consultants are on hand to answer any questions you have about measurements, styles and costs.

Material options:

Composite shutters:

Composites have the look and feel of wood but are less prone to the effects of temperature and moisture. In sun, rain, heat or humidity, composites stand up beautifully so may be a better choice for some houses and climates.

Wood shutters:

There’s an exotic charm to Bosetti’s wood shutters. A remembrance of sunny days spent sipping iced tea or that tropical holiday you wish had never ended. Wood shutters have glamour in spades and they’re as comfortable in a contemporary home as they are in a traditional setting. And, as an added benefit, they provide excellent insulation and light control.

Indoor/Outdoor Aluminium shutters:

If you have a beautiful outdoor area and are looking for a window covering solution that will compliment it, aluminium shutters could be a great choice. Aluminium shutters are made from 5000 grade aluminium finished with a high quality powder coat and are made to the highest standards and tightest tolerances, which means your shutters will last for years. They can be made to fit in with almost any decor and style, including modern and traditional. All of Bosetti’s aluminium shutters come standard with stainless steel fittings and quality hinges to stand up to any weather conditions.

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