Cassette Awning

Cassette awnings are the perfect solution for extending your outdoor areas and helping to protect your outdoor furniture, barbecue and even your pool from the elements.

Bosetti’s cassette awnings are unique and can even include a built-in low voltage lighting system. Perfect for balmy summer evenings. With the awning folded away, Bosetti’s unique cassette awning provides full protection of the blind and its mechanisms. This means no wind, rain, dust or bugs can get to your blind, prolonging the life and protecting the look of your awning.

Ease of use an issue? Install a cassette awning that will open and close with the touch of a button so you can easily adjust your covering to the weather conditions. You can even have wind, sun and rain sensors installed to automatically open and close depending on the weather. Perfect!

If you are building a new home in the north western area of Sydney, contact us today for more information about the affordable customised New Home packages we have on offer!!

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